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The ability of a gemstone to hold a cut or carving is determined by the hardness of its structure. The hardest gemstones, such as diamond, ruby and sapphire, hold facets very well. At the softest end, gemstones are usually cut into smooth cabochon surfaces or carved into beads or decorative pieces, such as statuary, boxes, and dishes.

There are organic gemstones that are created by animals and plants, such as pearl, coral and amber. All of them are too soft for facets but carve very well.

For the purpose of Gor, such gemstones as Schendi diamonds would rate the same as diamonds. An additional term may mean that the color is slightly different or that there are minerals that create a certain effect.

This table shows gemstones in descending order of hardness.

Diamond Blue, clear, green, pink, violet, yellow Marquise, oval, pear, round 10
Ruby Red Cabochon, oval, round 9
Sapphire Blue, clear, green, pink, violet, yellow Cabochon, oval, rectangular, round, square 9
Star Ruby/Sapphire Blue, gray, red Cabochon 9
Cat's Eye Sapphire Yellow Cabochon 8.5
Topaz Blue, clear, pink, yellow Oval, pear, rectangular, round 8
Emerald Green Cabochon, oval, pear, rectangular 7.5-8
Amethyst Purple Cabochon, oval, pear 7
Citrine Yellow Emerald, oval, rectangular 7
Rose Quartz Pink Cabochon, carved 7
Quartz Clear Emerald, oval, rectangular 7
Eyes (Bull, Cat, Hawk, Tiger) Blue, green, yellow Cabochon 7
Onyx Black/white, gray/white Cabochon, carved 7
Aventurine Green, white Cabochon, carved 7
Jade Blue, green, red, white, yellow Cabochon, carved 7
Peridot Yellow green Oval, pear, rectangular, round, square 6.5-7
Hematite Dark grey, black with red interior Cabochon, carved 6.5
Moonstone Milky white, dull yellow, yellow grey, greenish grey Cabochon 6-6.5
Opal Black, white Cabochon 5.5-6.5
Opal, Fire Orange, red, yellow Cabochon, faceted 5.5-6.5
Turquoise Sky blue Cabochon, carved 5-6
Lapis Lazuli Blue Cabochon, carved 5-5.5
Malachite Green Cabochon, carved 4
Pearl Black, grey, pink, white Bean, egg, pear, round 2.5-4.5
Coral Black, blue, pink, red, white Cabochon, carved 2.5-2.75
Ivory White Cabochon, carved 2.5-2.75
Amber Brown, orange, red, yellow Cabochon, carved 2.5

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