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I was apprenticed by Lars Berensen of Argentum, the only Apprentice he taught. I worked learning my craft for 15 years and have been a Master for the last five. Lars encouraged me to use my creativity to make each piece a work of art.

Gem cutting and preparation for setting was the primary skill taught. It included an extensive knowledge of metals, gemstone, and crystal, as well as knowledge in the properties of leather, wood, glass, and cloth. I learned to carefully examine a raw piece for its possibilities and applications, to patiently cut in exactly the right place. Grinding and polishing was learned with painstaking exactitude. A study of adhesives for gem setting prodded me to study chemical formulas in more detail. I now have several adhesives, that I consider superior to most.

I learned to alloy precious metals to retain their beauty while granting them strength to resist damage and constant use.

Engraving and etching taught me the value of added detail. Some engravings are deep enough to accept enamel or gemstone pieces to bring letters or symbols into clear view.

Through my inventive curiosity, I learned to do mosaic with intricately cut gemstone pieces to produce scenes and designs not possible with faceted and rounded gems. For smooth or molded surfaces, I developed a way to paint with enamel to bring a figure alive with color. Some colors have opal or diamond dust mixed in to create an unusual sheen.

Since I am of a curious nature, I studied other skills that would enhance my own. From my studies, I developed two additional skills: glass making and lock smithing.

Glass making allows me to create useful things, such as windows, eating utensils, and jewelry. For decoration and adornment, I have mastered the skill of making crystal glass. There are prisms to hang as moving art in your cylinder or wagon that split light and sparkle in a myriad of colors. There are wind chimes of metal and glass that ring and tinkle with soft, floating notes. There are beads of many sizes and shapes that flash when light strikes them and can be fashioned for personal adornment. I also have the skill for grinding lenses for visual devices and for instruments.

Lock smithing is a skill I became fascinated with because of its mechanical nature. I have developed several types of securing devices that, I believe, do not exist elsewhere on Gor. I enjoy the challenge of creating small, intricate devices for items, such as collars. I have also designed and crafted securing devices for vaults.

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