Miscellaneous Animals

Arthropod: There is a segmented arthropod about eight feet long and three feet high with multiple legs. It has eye stalks, pincers, and its body plates rustle like plastic armor. It is a timid creature that does not like the sight of men. It is found in the tunnels of the Nest of the Priest-Kings.

Golden Beetle: One of the most unique and dangerous creatures in the Nest is the Golden Beetle, that lives in the unlit caverns beneath the Sardar caves of the Priest-Kings. This is an insect the size of a rhinoceros. Its back seems divided into two thick casings which once long ago might have been horny wings but which have fused into a thick, immobile golden shell. It has glowing eyes and its head can almost withdraw beneath the shell. It can still use its jaws when its head is beneath the shell. It has two multi-hooked, hollow, pincer-like extensions that meet at the tips about a yard beyond its body. These suck a creature's fluids out.

Its antennae are very short, curved and topped with a fluff of golden hair. There are also several long, golden strands that extend from its head over its domed back and fall almost to the floor behind it. Its bite has paralytic venom. It hisses and can move fast but only for a brief time. Its greatest weapon is that it exudes an odor, somewhat oppressive, that induces sleep in people nearby. This is even effective on Priest-Kings. Its primary food is Priest-Kings. It lays its eggs, each about the size of a fist, in a host. The egg has leathery shell and the baby is the size of a child's turtle. The host will not die if the eggs are removed before they hatch.

Gur: This is a product originally secreted by large, grey, domesticated, hemispheric arthropods which are fed on special sim plants. They are milked by Priest-King muls. The special gur used on the Feast of Tola is kept for weeks in the social stomachs of specially chosen Priest-Kings to mellow and reach the exact flavor and consistency desired. It is spoken of as retaining gur.

Sim Plant: A plant that is extensive, rambling, tangled and vine-like with huge, rolling leaves. They are raised under square energy lamps fixed in the ceilings of the broad pasture chambers of the Priest-King Nest. Gur is produced by milking an arthropod that feeds on the plant, much like dairy cattle.

Slime Worm: This is a long, whitish, worm-like animal that resides in the Nest of the Priest-Kings in the Sardar. It is eyeless and has a small, red mouth on the underside of its body. It inches its way along, hugging the angle between the wall and floor. It once functioned as a sewerage device but it has not done so for thousands of years. It now scavenges on the kills of the golden beetle.

Swamp Spider: Those known as the Spider People are actually rational beings rather than simple insects that inhabit the swamps of the Ar area. Like Priest-Kings, they use a translator to communicate with humans.

Toos: This is a crab-like creature covered with overlapping plating that resides in the Nest of the Priest-Kings in the Sardar. It lives on discarded fungus spores.

Unnamed Creatures: There are a few creatures that exist in the Sardar that were described but never named.

  • There is a flat, slug-like creature with multiple legs.
  • There is a small humanoid creature with a receding forehead and an excessively hairy face and body.

Yellow Pool Monster of Turia: This was a bizarre creature so far unique to the city of Turia. Its origins are unknown. It makes its appearance in Nomads of Gor. The merchant, Saphrar, has this creature in an indoor pool area. This pool area is a spacious chamber decorated with numerous exotic floral designs representing the vegetation of a tropical river. The room is hot and steamy. This may mean that this creature comes from the jungles near Schendi. The creature occupied an entire in-ground pool area. At first glance, it looks like a pool of yellow water that sparkles as though filled with gems, but, it is much more.

It apparently breathes by releasing gases or steam. It also contains filamentous strands and spheres of color. The creature can thicken and gel around someone within it. A victim's flesh will tingle and burn due to the corrosive elements within the creature. Saphrar would place men into the pool and the victims would find themselves unable to escape the creature and they would slowly be killed. It might take hours for a victim to be fully digested by this beast. A few men have lived as long as three hours. Slashing or cutting it generally does no harm to it. But, it has a collection of threads and granules in a transparent bag, embedded in a darkish yellow jelly.

This is walled off by a translucent membrane. This area is vulnerable to attack and it reacts violently when this area is threatened. It may then solidify and push out someone irritating until you are standing on its now hard outer shell. Tarl Cabot was fed to this creature but learned how to irritate it. Once he found he could not escape its clutches, he swam within it towards its center. He attacked the darkish bag and it reacted by expelling him. The creature would then later be killed by being burnt to death once the Tuchuks had taken the city.