Alcoholic Drinks

Ale: Gorean ale is closer to a honey lager than to an ale or beer. It is a deep gold in color and is brewed from the grains of Gor and hops imported from Earth in the early years. Ale is stored in large kegs or barrels at the back of the chill pit. Position the vessel under the tap and open it to fill. Serve in a chilled tankard.

Ka-la-na: A dry, strong wine made from the juice of the fruit of the ka-la-na tree. It is served chilled or room temperature, in a goblet. Do not serve in a silver vessel, as it is commonly believed that the metal will interact with the wine making it poisonous.

Ka-la-na, Mulled: It is heated ka-la-na with mulling spices. The goblet or mug can be garnished with a piece of ka-la-na fruit or tospit (slice the tospit or fruit and place on rim of goblet). Serve in a goblet, or mug.

Kal-da: A beverage, generally served hot from copper kettles. It is ka-la-na wine mixed with citrus juices, such as tospit and larma, and hot spices. It is served in a mug.

Mead: Similar to ale, though made with fermented honey, water, and spices. It has a dark amber color. Served in a drinking horn or tankard.

Milk Curds: Fermented milk is enjoyed by the Wagon Peoples. Can be thought of as the equivalent of Earth buttermilk. It is, however, intoxicating.

Rence Beer: A potent, fermented drink from the Rence Islands. Served warm and in tankards or goblets.

Paga: Also known as sa-tarna paga, it is brewed from sa-tarna grain and is similar to whisky from Earth. It may be served warm or chilled. Almost any container is used to serve it, depending on where one is. Most common are bota, footed bowl, and tankard.

Cho: Hot paga, chocolate and whipped bosk cream. Serve in a heavy mug.

Sul Paga: It is brewed from the sul, a potato-like tuber. Sul paga is a clear, lumpy drink, very strong and similar to Earth vodka. It is served in a footed bowl, either warmed or cold. Not available in Tuchuk unless brought in by one of the Peasant Caste.

Ta-wine: This is a dry wine made from ta-grapes from the Isle of Cos. Serve at room temperature, warm, or cold. Serve in a goblet.

Turian Liqueur: A thick, very sweet liquor served in small glasses. Some ask for this diluted. It is served chilled.

Turian Wine: A sweet, thick wine served in a goblet.

Non-alcoholic Drinks

Bazi Tea: A beverage of leaves steeped in hot water. It is commonly served hot and heavily sugared. It may be served in either of two fashions. First, a more traditional, formal serve. The tea is measured into three tiny cups, which are drunk in rapid succession. Various sugars and milks may be added. Such a serve would rarely be done in a paga tavern. It is more likely to be done in one's own home for guests (See Bazi Tea). Bazi tea is also drunk informally, in regular-sized cups (or mugs), with or without sugars and milks. Cakes and Bazi tea is a popular breakfast on Gorean holidays.

Black Wine: This is the same as the coffee of Earth except much stronger. Made from the beans brought back on one of the earlier Voyages of Acquisition, it is and grown in the mountains of Thentis. It is served hot and in a mug. Bosk milk or cream or verr milk may be added and sweetened with sugar. (first slave). Black Wine can also be served plain. (second slave is without cream or sugar).

Chocolate: This is the same as the chocolate of Earth, made from the beans brought back on one of the Voyages of Acquisition. It is served hot and in a mug.

Fruit Juice: Just about any fruit can be made into juice. Many combinations are made from them, possibly adding spices and other flavoring.

Larma Juice: A light, sweet juice served cold in small goblets or mugs.

Milk: Usually comes from bosk but also comes from verr (a goat-like animal). Kaiila can also be used (but not so usual).

Water: Spring water can come from the mountains and from the river. In cities, fountains provide the main source of water. There are also large barrels that can be kept at locations.