Free Man Clothing

Each of the cultures of Gor has its own style of clothing, often dictated by the climate and the style of living. Also, the simplicity or ornateness of clothing is dependent on prosperity.

City Men

The most common clothing worn in the cities is the tunic. This may be the Roman or Greek style of tunic with or without sleeves. It may be tied at the waist with cord or a sash, or belted. Tunics come in various lengths, the shorter being knee-length and the longer going to the ankles. The tunic is also worn in villages and settlements away from the cities, depending on the climate. Surcotes, jackets and vests may also be used over tunics.

Men of the Plains

The clothes of Tuchuk men resemble much of that worn by the Mongols of Earth. They have a leather jerkin, covered by a quilted jacket that can be trimmed with fur and have a fur collar. They wear wide leather trousers held by a five-buckled belt. Their boots can be made of hide and trimmed with fur. They wear a hood and cape of fur or a flopping cap of fur covering a conical steel helmet. While riding, they also wear a soft, leather wind scarf to use against the wind and dust of the ride.

In the coldest weathers, both men and women, Free and slave, will wear furred boots and trousers, coats and ear-flapped caps that tie under the chin. It becomes difficult to differentiate between the Free and slave though there may still be signs. Kajirae have long, unbound hair and their collar can be visible. Male slaves wear shackles, linked by a foot of chain.

Other Areas

In the North, more clothing is worn because of the cold climate. Fabric or leather pants, tunics, vests, and jackets are commonly used. For the hot Tahari, clothing is similar to that of the nomadic peoples of the Middle East of Earth. In the steamy jungles, people often wear robes and cloaks, though the fabric is lighter. Even so, leather and skins are also worn. Feathers are very popular.

Common Throughout Gor

Cloaks, short and long, hooded or not, are worn throughout Gor. Sandals are the most common footwear. Boots may be used in colder climates or as protection when riding. Accessories include headwear, belts, sashes, pouches, gloves, and jewelry.