Foods in General

Gorean food is quite varied. Slave girls are trained to serve, prepare and cook a wide variety of foods and recipes. Even free women also learn how to prepare many recipes. Paga kajirae must be familiar with many foods and beverages so that they can properly serve the patrons of the tavern. Some foods and beverages are very similar to Earth ones and others are uniquely Gorean.

Not all of the foods will be available everywhere on Gor. Some are regional items that would be very rare outside of their place of origin. Some items would be too expensive for a Home Stone to keep in stock, such as Falarian wine or black wine. Other items would be difficult to obtain. For example, Thentis would see little need to stock fermented milk curds, a drink of the Wagon Peoples.

There is little cold storage on Gor. Most food is preserved by being dried or salted. Ice is cut from ponds in winter and then stored in ice houses under sawdust. You may go to the ice house to get it, or have it delivered from ice wagons. Ice is an expensive luxury, especially in the summer. Homes will have cold storage areas. It would be much more common for them to store certain foods and drinks in a basement area to keep it cool, though not really cold. An amphora is a two-handled, narrow-necked vessel with a narrow, usually pointed base. It is a storage container for liquids and is commonly put into a storage hole in the ground at night to keep it cool.

The most common utensils used on Gor are knives and spoons. There is an eating prong, similar to a fork, which was invented in Turia. It is not commonly used outside of that city. The wealthy of other cities though may use these prongs.

Goreans are very sociable people and enjoy giving dinners and having parties. At such events, it is an honor to be seated above the bowls of red and yellow salts. It denotes your high station and status. The Turian feast is a unique dinner. It consumes the better part of a night and there may be as many as 150 courses. Etiquette requires that you at least taste each course. Guests may use a tufted banquet stick, dipped in scented oils, and a golden bowl to vomit into between courses. Different wines are commonly served with each course, specially chosen to complement the cuisine.

There is no precise Gorean expression for a restaurant. There are public kitchens where people can get a meal but they are more functional than social places. You can get food at paga taverns and cafes but those establishments serve many other functions as well. There is no social place where you simply go to eat that would be akin to an Earth restaurant.