Eel: Various types of eel are raised on Gor to be consumed. Many types are considered to be a delicacy.

Oysters: Same as the Earth variety and considered a delicacy. Found in the delta of the Vosk.

Parsit Fish: A light, flaky, delicate fish that is sometimes mixed, raw, into slave porridge or gruel.

Sorp: A giant shellfish

Cosian Wingfish: Also known as songfish due to its whistling mating song. It is a tiny blue salt-water fish with four poisonous spines on its dorsal fin about the size of a tarn disk when curled in one’s hand. Found in the waters off Port Kar, it is regarded as a great delicacy and its liver as the delicacy of delicacies in Turia. Larger varieties are found farther out to sea.


Bosk: A huge bovine similar to Earth cattle of the shaggy-haired variety.

Tabuk: A kind of antelope, the meat of which is often used as steaks.

Tarsk: A porcine animal akin to the Earth boar. Its meat is often roasted whole. The Market of Semris is famed for its tarsk markets.

Verr: A mountain goat domesticated and used for wool, meat and milk. It is indigenous to the Voltai Mountains. The milk is potable as well as being used for cheese.


Gant: There are several types of these duck-like birds. The marsh gant is a small, horned, web-footed aquatic fowl. It is broad-billed and broad-winged. Its call is a kind of piping whistle. Rence growers tame them and also eat them. The jungle gant is a bird of the rain forests related to the marsh gant. The migratory arctic gant nests in the Hrimgar Mountains in steep, rocky outcroppings called bird cliffs. Their eggs may be frozen and eaten like apples.

Tumit: A large, flightless, carnivorous bird hunted with bolas by the Wagon Peoples. The sport lies in who gets to eat that night, the hunter or the bird.

Vulo: A tawny-colored poultry bird similar to a pigeon that also exists in the wild. It is used for meat and eggs.