Chocolate: The beans originally taken from Earth, chocolate is now grown and used on Gor as well.

Honey: The product of honeybees, it is a favorite sweet, used by itself or in cooking, especially with candy and desserts.

Ice, Flavored: Flavored ices are a treat, since there is little refrigeration on Gor.

Mint Stick: A confection served in a bowl on a tray set for black wine service. Most likely a hard candy used to clear the palate.

Nuts: Mentioned in reference to foods, particularly desserts. A variety of nuts is plausible. They are an import of the Tahari.

Pastries: Goreans are very fond of pastries. Though not specifically mentioned, it is likely that there is a large variety, many similar to Earth.

Rence Cakes: A type of cake made from fried rence paste, on flat stones, often sprinkled with rence seeds.

Salt: Red salt, known as the "Red Salt of Kasra," contains ferrous oxide that gives it its color. White Salt is untainted sea salt. The main type of salt found at the salt mine of Klima. Salt mined from the Tahari makes up 20% of the salt used in various products of Gor. The mining, harvesting, sifting, purifying and packaging process turns out nine qualities of salt that are shipped all over Gor. Yellow salt is spoken of as "of the south".

Sa-tassna: Meaning life-mother, it refers to meat or food in general.

Spices: Since such spices as cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg are mentioned, it is likely others are also available.

Sugar: There are various colors of sugars, though their flavors are never spoken of. There is specifically mentioned four Gorean sugars though only two, white and yellow, are ever mentioned by color.

Tasta: Small, round, succulent candy coated in syrup or fudge and then mounted upon a stick for easy handling and eating. Literal translation is "stick candy." Normally found in parks, promenades, and popular events.