Bean: Legumes of many varieties. Same as the Earth variety.

Cabbage: Same as the Earth variety.

Carrot: Same as the Earth variety.

Corn: Similar to the Earth variety.

Garlic: Same as the Earth variety.

Katch: A foliated leaf vegetable, similar to lettuce.

Kes: The salty blue secondary root of the kes shrub can be eaten and is a primary ingredient in sullage, a type of Gorean soup.

Kort: A large, brownish-skinned, sphere-shaped vegetable with a thick skin, usually six inches in width. It has a yellowish interior that is fibrous and heavily seeded. Similar to an Earth squash. It is often served with melted cheese and nutmeg.

Mushroom: Same as the Earth variety.

Olive: Are commonly from the City of Tor, referred to as Torian olives. There are also red olives which come from the groves of Tyros.

Onion: Same as the Earth variety.

Pea: Same as the Earth variety.

Pepper: Hot peppers are found in the Tahari and used in cooking. Goreans enjoy spicy foods. Bell peppers may also be found, though there is no reference to them.

Radish: There are two types of radish, a sphere shaped version and a cylinder shaped variety. These are a common vegetable that is the same as the Earth varieties.

Rence Pith: A reed-like water plant whose stem center is edible, either raw or cooked. Rence pith and fish are the dietary staples of the rence growers.

Sul: Starchy, golden brown, yellow-fleshed, vine-borne fruit and a principal ingredient in sullage. It is a tuberous vegetable similar to the potato and often served sliced and fried. There is a root variety, as well. It is a staple of the Gorean diet.

Sullage: A common Gorean soup consisting of three standard ingredients, suls, tur-pah and kes, and whatever else may be found.

Turnip: Grown on the oases of the Tahari. Turnips are also an import to the Tahari region. This vegetable is the same as the Earth variety.

Tur-pah: A vine-like tree parasite with curled, scarlet, ovate leaves that are edible and an ingredient of sullage, a Gorean soup.

Vangis: Type of produce sold at market. No other description has been found.