There are hundreds of known cities on Gor yet many of them remain unnamed in the books. The following is a list of numerous cities, towns, villages and other civilized settlements on the mainland of Gor. Each listing is brief and does not go into all the details of that area.

Ar: This might be the largest and most glorious city on Gor. It is situated low in the temperate latitudes in the northern hemisphere. The city is located south of the Vosk River and north of the Cartius River. Ar claims the land between the Vosk and the Cartius. Ar tarnsmen do not fly south of the Cartius. There is a swamp forest to the north border of Ar. Ar is the hereditary enemy of Ko-ro-ba. It is also an enemy of Cos and Tyros. Ar claims the southern shore of the Vosk. As Ar has no port, the Vosk is very important. Ar is a central city containing the Home Stones of a dozen other cities. It has become an empire. It is composed of more than a hundred thousand cylinders and bridges. Its population is thought to be about two to three million free people.

Argentum: This city is an ally of Ar and an enemy of Corcyrus and Cos. Argentum is very southwest of Ar. Cladius is Ubar of Argentum. The city claims ownership of nearby silver mines that might be as rich as those of Tharna.

Bazi: This is a free coastal port which make commerce possible with Cos and Tyros and the land based cities. The people are brown skinned. It was struck by a plague for a couple years.

Besnit: This is a small city within a hundred pasangs of Esalinus and Harfax. It is an ally of Harfax. Besnit does not upkeep its roads in order to isolate itself. It is next to impossible to reach the city in the spring due to the rains.

Brundisium: This is a port on the coast of Thassa, a hundred pasangs or so south of the Vosk delta. It was initially an ally of Ar but was conquered by Cos during the Cos/Ar war. There are eleven towers in the city and it is one of the largest and busiest ports in its area.

Clearchus: This is a village in the realm of Tor.

Corcyrus: This is a city southwest of Ar, and to the east and somewhat north of Argentum. The ocean is more than one thousand pasangs to the west. It was once ruled by Sheila, a Tatrix. It was allied with Cos.

Esalinus: This city is within a hundred pasangs of Besnit and Harfax.

Fina: This town is part of the Vosk League. It is located east of Ar's Station.

Forest Port: This town is a part of the Vosk League. It is located on the northern bank and is east of Ar's Station.

Fort Haskins: Located at the foot of the Boswell Pass, this is a military outpost of Thentis though it has now become mostly a trading post.

Fortress of Saphronicus: This is a small merchant polis and it has four tributary villages.

Hammerfest: This town is part of the Vosk League. It is located west of Ar's Station.

Harfax: This city is within a hundred pasangs of Besnit and Esalinus. It is an ally of Besnit.

Helmutsport: This is a free coastal port.

Hochburg: This is a mountain fortress in the southern Voltai.

Holmesk: Located one hundred pasangs south of the Vosk, this is the winter camp of the forces of Ar.

Iskander: This town is part of the Vosk League. It is east of Ar's Station and Forest Port.

Jasmine: This town is part of the Vosk League. It is located west of Ar's Station, Jort's Ferry and Point Alfred.

Jort's Ferry: This town is part of the Vosk League. It is located on the northern bank and is west of Ar's Station.

Kailiauk: This town is the easternmost town at the foot of the Thentis mountains. It lies almost at the edge of the Ihanke, or Boundary, which marks the start of the lands of the red savages. The Administrator is a Merchant named Publius Crassus. Its major business is in hides and kaiila.

Kasra: This is a river port on the Lower Fayeen. It is downriver from Kurtzal and west of Tor. It is famed on Gor for its production of red salt. The salt is brought in from secret pits and mines in heavy cylinders on pack kaiila.

Kassau: This is a town at the northern brink of the great forests of Gor. It is northwest of the Thentis mountains. It is the seat of the High Initiate of the north who claims spiritual sovereignty over Torvaldsland. The town is constructed mostly of wood. The temple is the greatest building in the town. The town is surrounded by a wall with two gates. One large gate faces the inlet, leading in from Thassa. The small gate leads to the forest behind the town. Its main business is trade, lumber and fishing. The trade is largely in furs from the north, exchanged for weapons, iron bars, salt and luxury items from the south. It has a population of about eleven hundred people. Gurt is the Administrator of Kassau.

Ko-ro-ba: This city lies northwest of the Thentis Mountains. The Sardar is over one thousand pasangs away. It is also northwest of Ar, across the Vosk. Ko-ro-ba is an archaic expression for a village market. The city is also known as the Towers of the Morning. Its Administrator is Matthew Cabot, the father of Tarl Cabot. He was Earth-born and has been alive since before 1640 A.D. He was the Ubar at one time. The city was destroyed by the Priest-Kings once but was permitted to be rebuilt.

Kurtzal: This village is north of Tor. It is little more than a loading and shipping point on the Lower Fayeen.

Lara: This city is part of the Salerian Confederation. It is located at the confluence of the Vosk and Olni Rivers.

Laura: This city is northeast of Ko-ro-ba, on the banks of Laurius river. It is two hundred pasangs inland from the Thassa coast. It is a small trading city. The city consists mostly of warehouses and taverns, a clearing house for many goods. It is the only civilized area in the region. Mostly rough goods sold in the city as there is little market for the more exquisite goods of Gor.

Lydius: This is a free coastal port controlled by the Merchant Caste. It is located at the mouth of the Laurius River where it empties into Thassa. It is one of the few cities in the north with public baths. It also has the only mint within one thousand pasangs of Torvaldsland. Many cities maintain warehouses and small communities in Lydius. Many goods, particularly wood, wood products and hides, make their way westward on the Laurius, eventually landing at Lydius. The first major town east of Lydius is Vonda on the Olni River.

Market of Semris: This town is located about two days southeast of Samnium. It is well known for its sales of tarsks.

Minus: This is a village under the control of Ar.

Point Alfred: This town is a part of the Vosk League. It is located west of Ar's Station and Jort's Ferry.

Port Cos: This town is a part of the Vosk League. It was founded by settlers from Cos over a century ago. It is a colony whose ties to Cos are largely historical and cultural. Many officers of Port Cos were native Cosians, mercenaries or veterans of the Cosian navy. It also has its own Home Stone. It is located west of Tafa.

Port Kar: This city is also known as the Tarn of the Sea, the Scourge of Thassa and the Dark Jewel in her gleaming green waters. It is located in the northwest portion of the estuary of the Vosk. On one side is the delta and on the other is the strong tides of the Tamber Gulf. It is known as a den of pirates, and its name is a synonym for cruelty and piracy. Their fleets range from the Ta-Thassa Mountains of the South to the ice lakes of the north, and westward beyond Cos and Tyros. The delta is Port Kar's best defense. It is very difficult to bring large armies through the delta. The nearest solid land is one hundred pasangs to the north and that land lays hundreds of pasangs from the nearest city. The Home Stone of Port Kar was created in 10120 C.A. The slave Fish was sent to find a rock in the streets of Port Kar. He brought back a common rock, bigger than a fist, gray and heavy. Tarl Cabot carved the initials of Port Kar in block script on the rock. The people of Port Kar accepted it as their Home Stone.

Port Olni: This city is part of the Salerian Confederation. It is located on the Olni River.

Ragnar's Hamlet: This town is a part of the Vosk League. It is located far west of Ar's Station. It is a good-sized town.

Rarir: This tiny village is located south of the Vosk and near the shores of Thassa.

Rarn: This small city is noted for its copper mining. It lies southeast of Tharna.

Rive-de-Bois: Raymond, a mercenary captain is from here.

Rorus: This is a village on the route to Rarir.

Sais: This town is part of the Vosk League. It is located west of Ar's Station, Jort's Ferry, Point Alfred, Jasmine, and Siba.

Salerian Confederation: It is also known as the Four Cities of Saleria. The Confederation consists of the cities of Ti, Vonda, Port Olni and Lara. All four cities lie on the Olni River. The Confederation is a growing power in the north. Ti is farthest from the joining of the Olni and Vosk Rivers. Port Olni is next in line, then Vonda and Lara. Lara lies at the junction of the Olni and Vosk. The Olni River is mostly free of pirates. The Confederation got its name because the oath of the league was signed in the meadow of Salerius on the northern bank of the Olni between Port Olni and Vonda. The largest and principal city is Ti. The Confederation maintains close relations with Cos due to their mutual distrust with Ar.

Samnium: This city is some two hundred pasangs east and a bit south of Brundisium. It is an ally of Cos.

Schendi: This is the infamous port of the black slavers of Schendi, the League of Black Slavers. They are pirates and known for their cruelty on shipping. The city is an equatorial free port and ships going to and from Schendi are safe. The slaving is commonly restricted to the high seas and coastal towns well north and south of Schendi. Schendi has a population of about a million, most being black. Its waters are open to shipping year round.

Siba: This town is part of the Vosk League. It is located west of Ar's Station, Jort's Ferry, Point Alfred, and Jasmine.

Sulport: This town is part of the Vosk League. It is located far west of Ar's Station.

Tabuk's Ford: This is a large village located in the basin area of the Verl River. It is four hundred pasangs generally north and slightly west of Ar. It is twenty pasangs west of the Vosk Road. The village contains about forty families. Thurnus is the peasant caste leader and Melina is his free companion. It is a rich village known for sleen breeding.

Tafa: This town is part of the Vosk League. It is located far east of Ar's Station.

Tancred's Landing: This town is part of the Vosk League. It is downriver on the Olni and near Lara. It is located east of Ar's Station, Forest Port, and Iskander.

Tarnburg: This city is a mountain fortress in the southern range of the Voltai. It is about two hundred pasangs northwest of Hochburg. The legendary mercenary captain, Dietrich, is from here.

Tarnwald: A city of unknown location. The mercenary known as Edgar is from this city.

Teslit: This is a small village on route to Holmesk, halfway to the Vosk.

Tetrapoli: This polity is part of the Vosk League. It is much further west on the river than Ar's Station. It began as four separate towns, Ri, Teibar, Heiban and Azdak. Legend states that the towns were formed by four brothers. The towns eventually consolidated into a polity, the four districts maintaining the same names. The expression "tetrapoli" means "four cities" or "four towns."

Tharna: This city was once ruled by a Tatrix and women dominated. A revolution came about though and changed everything. Now, there are very few free women in Tharna. Kron, once a metal worker, is currently the Administrator. Tharna owns many valuable silver mines and is sometimes called the City of Silver.

Thentis: This city is remote in the mountains from which it takes its name. It is famed for its tarn flocks. It is one day by tarn from Ko-ro-ba to Thentis, but by wagon it would take the better part of a month. It has some silver mines but they are not as rich as Tharna.

Ti: This city is part of the Salerian Confederation. It lies on the Olni River, a tributary of the Vosk, north of Tharna. Ti is ruled by Ebullius Gaius Cassius, an Administrator and Warrior. It is the largest and most populous city of the Salerian Confederation.

Tor: This city lies in the northwest corner of the Tahari. It is an opulent city of the desert, well known for its splendors, comforts and pleasures. It is also the principal supply point for the oases communities of the Wastes. The buildings are of mud brick, covered with colored, often flaking, plaster. The buildings are rarely more than four stories high. Thousands of caravan merchants are headquartered here and much of the city is organized to support the caravan trade. The city is built in concentric circles broken by numerous, narrow crooked streets.

Torcadino: This is a crossroads city located on the Flats of Serpeto. It is located at the intersection of various routes, the Genesian, Northern Salt Line (runs east to west), Northern Silk Road (runs south to north), the Pilgrim's Road (leads to the Sardar), and Eastern Way (also known as the Treasure Road, links the western cities with Ar). It once was an ally of Ar but in the Ar/Cosian war changed sides. Two aqueducts bring water to the city from more than one hundred pasangs away, one from the Issus, a northwestward flowing tributary of the Vosk and the other from springs in the Hills of Eteocles, southwest of Corcyrus.

Treve: This is a bandit city located high in the crags of the Voltai. Few know its exact location and it is said you can only reach it by tarn. They do not grow food and raid the harvests of others. They live by plunder. Their tarnsmen rank with those of Thentis and Ko-ro-ba. It is alleged to lie some seven hundred pasangs north of Ar and toward the Sardar. There are no trade routes to the city. It even has some silver mines. It is also known as the Tarn of the Voltai. Merchants and ambassadors are brought to the city only under conduct, hooded and in bonds.

Turia: This great city is called the Ar of the south. It is located in the southern hemisphere, lying in the midst of huge prairies claimed by the Wagon Peoples. It is a high walled, nine-gated city said to be indolent and luxury-loving. It is ruled by Phanius Turmus. They calculate their years from summer solstice to summer solstice. The true power of Turia lies with the Caste of Merchants. Hundreds of caravans and thousands of merchants come here each year. It had never been conquered until recently by Kamchak, Ubar of the Wagon Peoples. Much of the city was burned during the conquest but the People departed Turia and allowed it to be rebuilt.

Stones of Turmus: This once was a Turian outpost merchant fort and trading station. It had high white outer walls, over eighty feet high and six towers on the walls. It was eventually burnt by men of Treve.

Turmus: This town is part of the Vosk League. It is the last major river port on the Vosk before the nearly impassable marshes of the delta. It is on the northern bank of the Vosk.

Ven: This small city is part of the Vosk League. It is a river port on the southern bank of the Vosk. It is the last town to the west on the south bank until the delta. Ven is at the junction of the Ta-Thassa Cartius and the Vosk.

Venna: This is a small, exclusive resort city, located about two hundred pasangs north of Ar. It is noted for its fine baths and tharlarion races. Venna has many small and fine shops, catering to the wealthy. The Telluria section, in the northwest part of the city, on a hill, is the preferred residential section.

Victoria: This city is the capital of the Vosk League. It is located on the northern bank, east of Ar's Station. It once was a den of thieves, a market and slave town. Most of the pirates and thieves have been run out of the town. Tasdron is the Administrator.

Vonda: This city is part of the Salerian Confederation. It is located downriver of the Olni River. Vonda has no tarnsmen.

Vosk League: The League was formed in 10127 C.A. and consists of nineteen towns located on the Vosk River. These include Port Cos, Victoria, Turmus, Ven, Tetrapoli, Tafa, Fina, Ragnar's Hamlet, Hammerfest, Sulport, Sais, Siba, Jasmine, Point Alfred, Jort's Ferry, Forest Port, Iskander, Tancred's Landing and White Water. Ar did not permit Ar's Station to join the League. Its headquarters are in Victoria. Its purpose is to protect against river piracy. After the Vosk League was formed, institutionalized piracy on the Vosk had been largely removed. The topaz used to be a pledge symbol, used among pirates, when combining for massive assaults. The topaz was captured by the Vosk League and now is a private pledge between Port Cos and Ar's Station. The topaz is broken into two fragments of polished stone. When joined together, the discoloration on each piece make the picture of a river galley.

White Water: This town is part of the Vosk League. It is downriver of the Olni and near Lara. It is the farthest east town and is on northern bank.