Hills of Eteocles: These are located southwest of Corcyrus. Springs in the hills feed aqueducts for Torcodino.

Fulvian Hills: These are the foothills of the Voltai and are northeast of Ar.

Hrimgar Mountains: Hrimgar means "barrier" mountains. It is really two mountain chains. Axe Glacier lies in a valley between them. There are many passes in these mountains. One such is called the pass of Tancred because that is where the herd passes through. These mountains are both east and north of Torvaldsland.

Sardar Mountains: This range is the home of the Priest-Kings. It is more than a thousand pasangs from Ko-ro-ba. The Sardar fairs occur at the base of the mountains four times a year.

Ta-Thassa Mountains: These are located on the shore of Thassa, in the southern hemisphere.

Thentis Mountains: This range is the home of the city of Thentis. There are passes through the mountains to the Barrens, the lands of the Red Savages.

Voltai Range: These are also known as the Red Mountains. They are located south of the Vosk and east of Ar. They are dull reddish cliffs due to large deposits of iron oxide. They are the greatest mountain range on known Gor. You can see the spires of Ar from the nearer Voltai ranges. The Voltai is home to several bandit cities and bands of outlaws including Treve.