Medical Serve

Medical treatment can be done by anyone. Most people can learn enough to do field treatment until a physician or other trained person can treat the injured. There are not always enough physicians or trained helpers to treat all that might need it. Frees and slaves can follow the same steps, with the exceptions noted for cutting edges and being trained for a particular treatment, such as cauterizing.

Details on specific injuries are included on the treatments pages.

Medical Serve Outline

  1. Ask the person where the injuries are.
  2. Determine what the worst injuries are and treat them first.
  3. Offer a painkiller for a person who is in pain.
  4. Clean the injury thoroughly.
  5. Remove any objects from the injury.
  6. Cauterize to stop fast bleeding.
  7. Stitch when it seems necessary.
  8. Apply healing salve.
  9. Dress and bandage the injury.
  10. For poisons, induce vomiting or give antidote or antivenin.

Medical Serve Steps

  1. Ask the person where the injuries are. If there is any doubt that you can handle the injury, ask wait for a physician or another person that might have the training or experience.
  2. Determine what the worst wounds are and make sure those are treated first (i.e. fast bleeding, limbs pointing the wrong way, major leaking of body fluids, difficulty breathing).
  3. Offer something if the person is visibly in pain. There are medicines for that can be used until a physician can attend.
  4. Make sure to remove dirt, blood, fragments of metal, bone, wood, or other debris. Use tweezers, pliers, or forceps to remove objects from the wound.
  5. Soak a cloth in warm water with green herbal powder added, paga, or antiseptic soap, and clean the wound thoroughly.
  6. If there is fast bleeding, try to repair it. Use cauterizing only when there is no time to repair it. Apply pressure or a binding (tourniquet) to slow blood until it can be treated.
  7. To cauterize, retrieve a cauterizing iron from the fire (slaves must ask permission to do so). If untrained in its usage, get someone that is and quickly. To cauterize, place the heated iron to the wound for five seconds, making sure to touch it to where there is the most bleeding.
  8. If muscle is torn, check to see if arteries are severed. If there are, and you have not already done so, try to repair it. If no arteries are severed, and you are trained for it, take a threaded needle with dissolving gut and make an inner layer of stitches, knitting together the fibers of the muscle.