Slave Positions

Bara: A slave lies on her belly, her forehead pressed to the floor. She crosses her ankles and places her wrists, also crossed, in the small of her back. She waits motionless to be bound.

Belly: A slave lies on her belly, parts her legs, shoulder-width apart, and placing her arms by her sides, palms up, her forehead to the ground. She then crawls to her Master's feet, remaining on her belly as she does so.

Blanket: Also called overage or cloaking, this, though not technically a position, is still an action the slave should remember. If something is thrown over her head, she must remain silent and motionless until freed from it.

Bracelets: A slave kneels, thighs spread wide, back arched, and extends her arms before her, her wrists together in preparation for being bound. Her head is held high, her eyes lowered submissively. A Master may require the wrists behind the back. An alternate is the standing position, where the slave spreads her legs shoulder width apart.

Collar: This position is also called "The Position of Female Submission." A slave kneels at her Master's feet, sitting on her heels. She extends her arms upward, and crosses her wrists.

Crawl: A slave drops to all fours, her forearms flat on the ground, and lowers her head, so that it is slightly above and not touching the ground, raising her ass high. She crawls to her Master until her head is by his boots.

Gorean Bow: A slave kneels, thighs spread wide, and leans over backwards until her head touches the floor. She then pulls herself up, arching her back. This exposes a slave's heat and breasts for her Master's enjoyment.

Hair: A slave remains in whatever position she is in but gathers her hair and offers it to her Master.

Heel: A slave kneels just behind her Master's left foot. As He moves she must remain just behind His foot, but must never come in contact with it at any time.

Leading Position: A slave approaches her Master's side and bends at the waist, gathering up her hair to present to her Master, so he may lead her by the hair.

Lesha: A slave kneels with her back to her Master, her thighs spread wide, her back arched. She crosses her wrists in the small of her back for bracelets if required. She then turns her head to the left, her eyes lowered in submission, her lips slightly parted and awaits His leash.

Lesha, High: A slave stands, her back to her Master, with her feet shoulder-width apart, her wrists crossed at the small of her back. She holds her head high, turning it to her left, her lips slightly parted and lowers her eyes in submission. She awaits His leash.

Nadu: A slave kneels with her thighs spread wide, her back arched, her head held high and her eyes lowered submissively. She lays her hands palms-up on her thighs.

Obedience: A slave lies on her belly and places her chin on her Master's feet.

Run: A slave runs toward her objective, taking small rapid steps, her legs almost straight, her feet barely leaving the floor. As she runs, her back is straight, her head is turned to the left, her arms are at her sides with palms facing outward. Upon reaching her objective she drops gracefully to her knees and typically resumes the position of nadu.

She-sleen: A slaves gets down on her knees and elbows and clasps her hands over her head, raising her hips as she does so. She parts her thighs and arches her back, forcing her hips yet higher, exposing herself completely to His view or caress. She readies herself to be beaten or taken sexually like an animal, depending on her Master's whim.

Slaver's Kiss: A slave drops to her hands and knees, her forehead to the ground, her hips raised high. She spreads her thighs wide, exposing her slave heat for her Master's pleasure.

Slave Lips: A slave turns her head up to her Master, puckering her lips as she does so. She waits motionless, forbidden to move until her Master's kiss releases her.

Submission: A slave kneels, bending at the waist, placing her cheek to the floor. She then takes the Master's right foot and places it upon her neck, her arms behind her back with her wrists crossed. A girl might assume this position if she has displeased her Master, as it shows complete submission, His foot on her neck showing that she offers Him even her life freely.

Sula: A slave lies flat on the floor on her back, her feet spread shoulder-width apart. She places her wrists above her head and crosses them. Her eyes remain lowered in submission and she silently awaits her Master's pleasure.

Sula-ki: The sula-ki is also known as the alternate sula. A slave lies flat on the floor, face upward, her hands at her sides, palms open and up. Her legs are spread wide in preparation for her Master's pleasure and she slowly lifts her hips off the floor.

Tower: A slave kneels with her knees modestly together, back straight, eyes lowered. Her palms rest down upon her thighs.

Walk: When this command is given, a slave turns gracefully, her hair caressing her body as she turns. She walks quietly across the room or camp, her feet hardly seeming to leave the ground, her hips swaying sensually, her body erect and proud. When she reaches her objective she halts and stands, her body erect, her shoulders back, her chest thrust forward, her belly in. She turns her hips out a bit, her hands at her sides, and points one foot. Her chin is held high and her eyes are lowered.

Whipping: A slave quickly drops to her knees and raises her hips. She places her head to the floor and then crosses her arms across her belly. She waits motionless, ready to accept her Master's punishment. Slaves with long hair will pull their hair from their backs so as to ensure their backs are fully exposed for the whip.