Slave Chores

Through chores, a slave shows devotion and dedication to the collar they wear as well as to their love of the pleasure garden. It is also a time for each slave to shine. Chores can be done in a beautiful, sexual, passionate, intense way or even with added humor. Let your creativity flow! Have fun and be beautiful!!

Chores Are:

  1. Currently voluntary
  2. Done in the room
  3. Copied with the time stamp, then pasted to the slave's personal board in the Slaves section on the Golden Chains message board.
  4. Successful completion of your written and performed tests count toward your required chores that week. For the Level 3 test, successful completion of dance, Mistress serve, or heated serve will count toward the 2-chore requirement.
  5. Post chores in this way:
    1. Go the to slave's personal board in the Slave secton of the message board.

    2. A new thread is started for each chore. Click on Create Thread.
    3. In the Subject Line, type a short description of the chore.
    4. Copy and paste the posts of the chore, including the time stamps, into the text box.
    5. Use Preview to check what has been pasted.
    6. Click Create Thread.

Suggestions for Chores


Cooking tasks may be assigned by the cooks. See what is needed before doing cooking.

  1. Make fresh black wine, mulled kalana, and squeeze fruit for fresh juice.
  2. Check all the spice and other seasoning jars and tins; clean and refill them.
  3. Make stews and soups. They are very popular and almost always are made each day.
  4. Bake pastries. Make desserts.
  5. Inventory linen pantry. This is where spare dishes and linens used in the kitchen are stored. Inform the head cook for ordering more.
  6. Dust and sweep the linen pantry. Any area that has accumulated dust on the shelves should be washed.
  7. Wipe down counters in the kitchen.
  8. Sweep the kitchen area. During slower times, the floors can be scrubbed.
  9. Check the prepared foods tables to see if any of the dishes there are too old. Set aside for sleen or tarsk food.
  10. Unload Merchant crates.
  11. Wash dishes, trays, pots, pans, and utensils.
  12. Clean out cooking and roasting hearths. Set fresh fuel for the next fire.
  13. Replenish the fuel boxes.
  14. Clean the skewers and spits and set them at the roasting hearths.
  15. Scrub well every work table using astringent soap.
  16. On shelves and racks, check for chipped bowls, goblets, cups, horns, plates. Discard to trash.
  17. Inventory what is in the kitchen area and replace what is missing from stock in the linen pantry and storerooms.
  18. Check the botas. Empty ones are to be washed, dried, and refilled.
  19. Slice breads and cheese.
  20. Grind black wine beans using a hand-crank grinder

Cool Room

  1. Change out or empty old casks, botas, bottles, pitchers, jugs. Store them in readiness to be disposed of or refilled.
  2. Check for freshness of food and clean the bins of vegetables and fruits that are too spoiled to be used.
  3. Collect the old and spoiled meats/poultry/fish. Set aside to be sent to the city's animal pens for the meat eaters.
  4. Check cheese for mold, eggs, butter and other dairy for spoilage. Set aside for meat eater food.
  5. Clean shelves, meat hooks, buckets, and other containers.
  6. Dust, sweep and mop.

Dry Goods Storage

  1. Check all dry goods barrels, sacks, bins, crates, boxes. Be sure that vermin have not gotten into them. If so, check more closely for damage or contamination. If there is, try to remove it and restore the food. Otherwise, the whole quantity must be discarded.
  2. See that all containers are kept sealed. Open sacks, bags and pouches should be placed in other containers that seal from air and vermin.
  3. See that opened containers are arranged to be used first, as well as older containers, to help prevent waste.
  4. Dust, sweep and mop.

Room Cleaning

  1. The area around the peformance dais and the dais itself are to be free of all debris. See that the area is swept and dusted, the dais and floor scrubbed.

  2. Pick fresh flowers and put in vases in rooms.

  3. Clean and shine boots.

  4. Polish furniture.

  5. Dust.

  6. Fill the thalarion lamps with oil. Check the wicks for replacement. Dust off the glass cover.

  7. Sweep and mop the floors.

  8. Clean off the tables and chairs.

  9. Collect the dirty dishes, goblets, utensils.

  10. Launder clothing, linens, and utility cloths.

  11. Beat and brush furs.

  12. Clean the slave cages, polish the bars and oil the hinges.

  13. Iron clothes.

  14. Add wood to the fires.

  15. Collect wood and stack it next to the hearth fires for use.

  16. Mend torn items.

  17. Wash down the walls and doors.

  18. Launder slave attire.

  19. Wash windows.

  20. Clean the hearth using a shovel and remove the ashes. Dust off the hearth and lay the logs for the next fire.


There are bath facilities in the pleasure garden.

  1. Collect used linens and replace with fresh. Place the used in a laundry container.
  2. Restock soaps, lotions, and scented oils.
  3. Clean the area around the bathing pools.
  4. If allowed, a slave can assist in cleaning emptied pools.


  1. Ask the gardeners if there are any tasks you might do. They might allow a slave to weed, fertilize, pick up and sweep walkways and fountain areas. Walls might need sweeping and gates might need cleaning.


  1. Storerooms that are unlocked can be tidied, dusted and swept.

  2. The slave area has cages, blocks, and whipping posts, that can be cleaned.
  1. The courtyard has plants can be tended, with gardener permission.

  2. Walkways and other clear areas can be cleared of debris and swept.

Since there is such variety available in Ar, it is not necessary to create jewelry and other items. However, Frees may allow their slaves to make jewelry for the slaves of the house or to sell to earn profit for their owner.

  1. Use shells to make jewelry or use beads of various colors and shapes and make bead necklaces, earrings, belly chains.
  2. String ankle bells.
  3. Paint mugs, bowls, goblets.
  4. Sew new slave clothing or costumes for dancing.