Slave Serve

Practice makes perfect, remembering always that the purpose is to provide a pleasing picture of the serve while managing to get the food and/or drink to the Free you are serving in the least time possible.

When serving, try to be as descriptive and original as possible, remembering that you are trying to paint an image for the reader. Consider every aspect, how you move, your hair, skin, facial expressions, the light (firelight, lamplight or torchlight) and how it reacts on your skin, your clothing, sounds made, etc. The more descriptive you are the better the image and more pleasing for those reading.

Serve offers are to be done in this order: Your owner, Cooper, Free Men, then Free Women.

Steps of a Serve

  1. Approach: Since a Free may be occupied when the slave approaches to offer service, kneel nearby and wait until the Free has time to notice you. When the Free does, the slave can greet, if she has not greeted previously, then ask if you can serve. There are many ways to do this. Be creative. When the order is given always respond with "Yes, Master/Mistress.” If the order is not clear, be sure to ask for more detail.

  2. Going to the Kitchen: Have a feel for your surroundings, so you can be creative with your movement. Be descriptive of your movement, body, and feelings, drawing a mental picture for the Free.

  3. Gathering the Items: Collect what is needed to fill the order. Washing hands, checking for damage, and wiping items clean are onlinisms. If serving a drink, be sure to know which drink is served in which kind of vessel. Use the typical vessel for the serve unless the Free has requested differently. For example, warmed paga is typically served in a footed bowl, but some may request that it be served in a tankard. If there are several items, a try can be used to carry them to the Free.

    This is another opportunity to express yourself, your personality, and show off your form, as blatant or subtle as your silks allow. Try to incorporate the things you know about the One you are serving. Does the Free prefer a goblet, glass or bowl? A horn or a tankard? What is the Free's favorite color? Can you incorporate the Free’s caste or the Home Stone? Perhaps the Free has a hobby you know of and you could locate a bowl etched with a scene depicting something about that or a scene depicting the homeland? Give the Free something a little personal.

  4. Preparing the Food or Drink: Make sure you know where the beverage or food is stored and retrieve it accordingly. Note the warmth of the fire pit, the hot handles on the pots, the chill of the cool room, the selection of wines in the wine rack. Once again be as descriptive as possible. Remember, slaves are allowed to use the knives in the kitchen.

  5. Return to the Free: Again, describe your body, your movements, your feelings. Paint a picture for the Free as he/she watches you approach and what you are feeling as you move back and lower to a kneel. Returning to the Free, kneel and wait for the Free to notice you have returned, if the Free was not watching for you. coming to the center of your attention.

  6. Present the Food or Drink: If it is an item or two, raise them in offering, with head lowered. Something short can be added, if wished. If there is a tray, hold it before you and ask whether the Free wishes the tray set on a table or to set the items on a table. Again, if the Free's attention is occupied elsewhere, wait for the Free to notice you. If some time passes, you can post something like, "Waits patiently with the cup held aloft." or "Holds the tray before her until Master has time to notice".

  7. Ask to Further Serve: Ask if there something else you can do for the Free. Continue to kneel until you are dismissed. You are in service until the Free tells you otherwise.

    Do not forget, when in serve, you do not converse in the room or whisper to friends. Your attention is to be fully on the Free you are serving. When dismissed, offer to serve any other Free that may want a serve. If none, then return to the serving furs, your owner’s furs, or other place.

Mass Serves:

In cases when there are many Free and only a few slaves, it may be acceptable to perform a “mass serve” instead of individual ones. This may happen if there are more than 2 times the number of Free than slaves (For instance, 3 Frees to one slave, or 5 Frees and 2 slaves, etc.)

General Guidelines for Mass Serves:

  1. When contemplating a mass serve, the slave should approach the highest ranking Male first, and ask if it would be permitted for the slaves to do a mass serve. If permission is granted, then proceed. Sometimes, a Free will order it, having noticed there are too few slaves to serve individually.

  2. Be creative when collecting orders, as well as the preparation and delivery of the food and drinks. For example, if alone, the slave could approach the Free and take orders more in the manner of a bond-maid. In this way, they do not have to kneel at the feet of every Free and simply walk from one to the next, asking what is wished, much like that of an Earth waitress. If more than one slave is present, they can act as a team, one taking the orders of half, the other the other half. They would then prepare the food and drinks as a team as well. Serving can then be done from a large serving tray or set on a table before delivering the items to the respective Free.

  3. All steps of the regular serve should still be adhered to and posts can be shortened in an effort to make the serve less burdensome. Every effort should still be made to make the serve descriptive.