Slave Health

Much is described in the Scrolls concerning slave health. Since it is so established, any portion of slave care may or may not be role played.


When a slave is acquired, she is examined to determine health and physical state. This examination is thorough and a report is given to the owner.


Once it is determined what a slave might need in the way of medications, they are administered. If the slave has not been treated with stabilization serum, it is given. If there are any conditions that come to the physician's attention, medicines are given to treat those conditions. Slave wine is also given as a matter of course. For Golden Chains, it is given once.

Pleasure garden girls can be treated with slave wine by the trainer, a physician, or the owner. Golden Chains uses a very finely formulated version and it lasts indefinitely until breeding wine is given.

All medicines given are reported.

Physical State

Included in the report to the owner is what physical state the slave is in. Most often, the owner already knows it by asking the previous owner or slave or examining that one.

It is the responsibility of the owner to keep a slave groomed.


A first aid kit is kept at the branding rack to treat a branded slave. When the slave is freed from the rack, soothe the burned flesh with a numbing salve, one that relieves pain. On the next day, apply more salve. The redness should be gone by then.


An owner may choose to pierce a slave. Provide a basin of salty water. Clean the piercing with the water and a cloth. Apply a small amount of numbing salve. Do not remove or scratch away scabbing; it is a natural part of healing and protects the piercing against infection.