Silks can be used to signify certain states, such as restricted, virgin, or pleasure. Most often, owners will clothe their slaves in whatever pleases them or no clothing at all.

Common Silks

White Silk

The white silk slave is reserved for her Masterís or Mistressí singular use: she is not inevitably a virgin. The white silks serve as a means of protecting them. White silk slaves are permitted and expected to serve drink and food, perform chores, and participate in conversation. White silk slaves are not allowed to lap or nestle with any Master other than her Owner. They are not available for sexual use. Some Masters may have an attraction in owning a white silk slave, perhaps for novelty. A girl was seldom kept as white silk for very long, unless perhaps she was to be a tower slave and serve a Mistress, thereby not possessing fire in her slave belly.

Red Silk

The pleasure slave, the red silk slave, trained in the arts of pleasing a Master, was far more common on Gor. Generally, any Master with the desire to do so may use these girls. Her usage may be solely reserved for her Owner, for use of a collared slave belonging to another Master without permission being granted by Him could mean impalement for anyone so foolhardy to do so. A slave must be well trained, pleasing in all ways--service, dance, and sexual use--to become a red silk pleasure slave. Red silk slaves are permitted and expected to serve drink and food, perform chores, participate in conversation, dance, and pleasure a Master intellectually, sensually, and visually. She has fire in her slave belly and it burns with intensity. Her use is whatever gives her Master pleasure.

Other Silks

Yellow Silk

The tavern slaves of John Norman's Gor books wore diaphanous yellow silks, when they were permitted to wear silks. Their use went with the price of a bowl of paga, their discipline or punishment was reserved for the tavern that owned them. Their use was negotiated between the patron and the tavern owner.

Green Silk

This silk is a discretionary color chosen by an owner. A reference does indicate it was used for tavern slaves as pleasure silk.

Purple Silk

These silks are a plastic material worn by the muls, the slaves of the Priest-Kings.

Grey Silk

The silk of the state-owned slave. These are usually slaves of a city-state, such as Ar. City-owned slaves are usually assigned domestic duties in the cylinders of the city.

Passion Slave

No barbarian could attain the rank of a passion slave. These were black silk girls, a rare commodity on Gor. Black silk slaves were specifically bred for certain attributes; thick lips, luscious curves, sensuous hips, full, firm breasts. Most passion slaves had a club foot, a result of the intensive breeding to seek these attributes. These slave girls were exquisitely trained in dance and seduction.