Slave Introduction


When a slave is collared to the pleasure garden, she/he begins at a certain level, according to what Cooper or the trainer determines. For a personally-owned slave, the owner can request that the slave be further evaluated for a higher level. The pleasure garden slave is expected to begin work on the next level test and the personally-owned one as the owner decrees. A slave will use "In training" until evaluated or passes Level 1 testing. All slaves are unrestricted until the owner decides otherwise.

Generally, if a slave has experience, she/he will begin as Level 1. Since the slave is already Level 1, it is not required to complete that level test, unless the slave would like to review.

Those that are new to Gor will begin as one in training in order to learn the basics and progress to Level 1.

The collar for a pleasure garden slave will typically be:

delphia {HoC}
In training
Golden Chains, RPO

Personally-owned slaves will be directed by the owner as to their collar.

Avatars and Tags

Tags may be any color the slave wishes to use, keeping in mind that not all people have good vision. Use colors that can readily be seen against black. Be sure that the font is a size larger than 2. There is an HTML primer page in the General section of the information scrolls that shows coding.

Avatars are allowed at all levels. Avatar size must not be larger than 550 pixels tall by 750 pixels wide.

Message Board

All new slaves to the pleasure garden are encouraged to register for the message board. Each slave is given her/his own board for chores, training, and anything else the slave is interested in including.


Pleasure garden slaves do not wear specific color silks to denote their level. Instead, they use either "In training" for those new or beginning, or nothing.


Testing is done by a trainer. Most of it is working with the slave to determine what their knowledge and skill are. There are three tests that can be assigned to evaluate. The tests can also be used for personal study and testing.