Slave Rules

Each member of a Home Stone is important and we must work together to make our home grow and prosper. Each slave has a job to do. In this way, you contribute to the growth and prosperity of the home and can feel proud of your room and of your collar. You are to be always at your best. Hard working slaves are a pleasure to own.

These rules can change at any given time, so you are asked to keep up-to-date on them. This does not mean that other rules of Golden Chains will not be followed. They, too, are part of your training and learning.

  1. Abandonment/Owner Death: A slave who has had no communication with their owner for a period of no less than 4 weeks should seek the counsel of Cooper, who will decide their collar status. If one’s owner leaves the pleasure garden or dies, the slave either goes with the owner or converts to a House of Cooper collar. At his discretion, Cooper may choose to release the slave.
  2. Attendance: Should you need to be away, post a note on the General board. If you are away for a month and no reason is posted, we will assume you have left Golden Chains and will remove your membership. This could mean, if you return, you would have to start again in training.
  3. Avatars: Avatars add color and charm to a room. Avatar size for PoD general rooms is 550 pixels tall x 750 pixels wide. Golden Chains supports this size limit. Keep them tasteful without openly displaying your sex. If you are uncertain about your av, do not hesitate to ask. If you need assistance or one made, there are usually people that will be happy to help you with obtaining one.
  4. New pleasure garden slaves should make their tags:

    amara {HoC}
    In training
    Golden Chains, Pod

  5. Tags: Tags are to be no more than 4 lines long. Levels or silks, if any designated, are given by the slave's owner. Cooper or designated trainer gives levels to House of Cooper slaves.
  6. Capture: No capture will be considered legal if made by a member of a Home Stone that does not accept such captures. This rule applies to pleasure garden slaves that travel under a Free escort. This also applies to kills as well. A legal capture or kill is decided by Cooper.
  7. Chores: Currently, chores are voluntary. A suggested list of chores is located on the chores page.
  8. Coins: Slaves are not allowed to touch coins, unless given permission by a Free. Otherwise, the mouth is used to accept coin. A pouch may be worn with which to keep coins.
  9. Disagreements: If a slave should have a problem, take it to a trainer. If she/he is unable to resolve it, it will then be brought to Cooper.
  10. Discipline: Only the owner of a slave or the owner of Golden Chains, Cooper, may punish a slave. Free Men and Free Women who have been insulted by a slave may embarrass, confine, or display the slave. They may not strike or punish in any other way, nor may they permit another to do so.
  11. Runaway slaves or slaves that act out of character/dishonorably will be dealt with by Cooper.
  12. Greeting/Leaving/Order of and Ghosting: You are not required to ask permission to greet.
  13. Greeting Order: Your owner, Cooper, Free Men, Free Women, then slaves.
  14. Greet all Free Persons as Master or Mistress unless told otherwise. Assassins may be addressed as Master Killer. Assassins were much feared in the books. Slaves may choose to role play it.
  15. Leaving: A slave is not to leave the room without permission from the highest ranking Free, unless it is a real time emergency. Say there is an R/T problem and go. If a slave does leave with no valid reason, they will be warned. The second time leaving this way is noticed, you will be punished.
  16. Ghosting: If a slave needs to ghost, it is permitted for up to 10 minutes. Ask permission to leave if you feel you may be away longer than that time.
  17. Intimacy: Open, public acts of sexuality are allowed in this home. Unless restricted by the slave's owner, all slaves are available for pleasure service.
  18. Jealousy: It is difficult sometimes not to be jealous. We are human beings, however, jealousy is not condoned and could lead to punishment. Take control of those feelings and redirect them into positive things, such as your chores, serving, dances, or crafting.
  19. Law: The mere whim of your owner is your highest law.
  20. Pleasing: Slaves are to be pleasing at all times. There is no room for PMS or bad moods. If you are not up to being pleasing, do not enter. Excellence and perfection in a slave is the goal.
  21. Private Messages: No private messaging (PMing) without permission. You may PM a sister or brother to ask for help with something. If a guest wishes to PM you, they need to obtain permission from your owner to do so.
  22. Privacy/Abuse: No one has the right to personal information, including access to phone, email, instant messengers, social media, etc. If someone presses you to give it, you have the right to refuse. Someone might ask for it under the guise of friendliness. Use caution when deciding whether to do so. If something occurs where a person feels they have been taken advantage of, the person can speak with Cooper.
  23. Raid: In the event of a raid, you are to go to the basement where there are rooms that can be locked.
  24. Respect: Always be pleasing and respectful. Above all else, respect must be shown to all Free Persons at all times. While Free Persons are not always right, they are, by definition, NEVER wrong. Slaves do not argue, question orders, or debate with a Free Person. However, a slave may ask for clarification in order to better serve. A slave always has the last two words in any discussion, those being "Yes, Master" or "Yes, Mistress." The only Free Person's word that will overrule another's is your owner's.
  25. A slave always kneels in the presence of Free Persons. Female slaves will kneel in nadu to all Masters and in tower to all Free Women, unless a Free requests otherwise. Male slaves will kneel in tower, unless otherwise ordered. Slaves available for pleasure service are allowed to show heat.
  26. Never strike a Master or a Mistress. It could mean your death.
  27. Slaves are not permitted to enter into the conversations of Free Persons unless that one is addressed. A slave may ask permission to speak.
  28. There will be no remarks or gestures made, such as smirking, hissing, or back-talk. These things are unbecoming and they can be punishable.
  29. Do not cry, whine, or complain to get attention.
  30. All trainers will be shown respect.
  31. If a slave PM's another slave with something rude or nasty, the slave to whom the post was sent is to immediately PM it to a trainer, who will make a decision whether to give a verbal warning or forward it to Cooper.
  32. Rights: Slaves have no rights. A slave may be collared, leashed, bought, sold, whipped, treated as the owner pleases, disposed of as the owner sees fit, or even gain a chain sister or brother.
  33. Role Play: A slave enters this room to be a Gorean slave. While in this room, you will act and think like a Gorean slave at all times.
  34. There will be no cyberisms used that are not recognized in the Scrolls. Examples of cyberisms are things, such as Old Gorean, or actions, such as testing for damage, testing for poison, or sweetening.
  35. Serving: If serving a Free, your attention is completely on that person. You do not engage in any conversation or greeting until you are released. This includes PM's, except for helping another slave or receiving help yourself.
  36. Never ask a Free what they want from across the room. It is like yelling. If you need to know something in the middle of a serve, go back to their feet and ask.
  37. If you are at the feet of a Free and their slave enters and offers their own Master or Mistress a serve and the owner allows it, ask to be released to serve others, or ask permission to do your chores, study scrolls, write a dance, or craft.
  38. If in the middle of a chore and Frees enter the home, if you can see the Free has entered from where you are doing the chore, get to a stopping place, and go ask to serve. if you are outside or in another area where it would not be reasonable that you could see the Free, finish the chore as soon as possible and then role play a reason to go to where the Free is and ask to serve.
  39. Trainers: Listen to the trainers. They are here to help you and teach you what you need to know. If you are disobedient or display behavior unbecoming that of a good slave, they are authorized to give you a verbal warning. Should you choose to disobey that warning, they have caging rights. Your owner will be contacted and a script of the incident will be provided to both your owner and Cooper.
  40. Traveling: A slave may travel to other places with owner permission or an approved Free. While traveling, it is expected that you show proper respect, since your actions reflect on our home.
  41. Visiting slaves, collared and uncollared, are welcome to visit.
  42. Weaponry: Slaves are not to touch any form of weaponry, unless ordered to by a Free. Permission is granted to use bladed tools in the preparation of food and in crafting.