Slave Test - Level 1

Successful completion of this test counts for 1 required chore for the week. Most answers are on the website, so one may search them there. You can copy and paste this page into a text file and it should keep the layout.

  1. Complete the test and save it.
  2. Send the completed test to the trainer by way of message board pm with the subject similar to: flora level 1 test.
  3. Post a notice of completion on the slave's personal board.

General Knowledge

  1. Name 2 Gorean cities.
  2. Name 3 flowers and briefly describe them.
  3. What does it mean when requested to serve black wine first slave and black wine second slave?
  4. Name 3 drinks and what vessel each would be served in.
  5. Name 3 fruits.
  6. Name 3 vegetables.
  7. Name 3 meats.
  8. Name 3 types of seafood.
  9. Name 1 Gorean mountain range.
  10. Name 2 land animals and briefly describe.
  11. Name 3 birds and briefly describe.
  12. What is the correct Order of rank at Golden Chains, in both greeting and in requesting permission to leave the room?
  13. What is the Gorean word for:

    1. A second?
    2. A minute?
    3. An hour?

Slave Rules

  1. What are the last 2 words a slave uses?
  2. What should a slave do if they disagree with a Free?
  3. What are your rights?
  4. What is a slave’s highest law?
  5. Can a slave pm a Free?
  6. What if Frees are talking about something and you want to join in?
  7. Can a slave use a knife?
  8. What do you do when someone offers you coin?
  9. What do you do if someone PM's you to ask about your day while you are in a serve?
  10. What do you do if you have a problem?
  11. Do you come into role play if you can not behave like a Gorean slave?
  12. Can you travel?
  13. What is the rule on attendance?
  14. State the rule on ghosting.

Words to Describe

  1. List 5 words to describe each of the words or phrases below:
    1. Your hair
    2. Your eyes
    3. Your body movement
    4. Your lips
    5. The sound of slave bells
    6. The scent of perfume

  2. If you wear the pleasure garden collar, who is your owner?
  3. For the positions below, describe how each is performed.
    1. Tower
    2. Nadu
    3. Collaring
    4. Whipping
    5. Heel
    6. Hair