Slave Test - Level 2

Successful completion of this test counts for 1 required chore for the week. Most answers are on the website, so one may search them there. You can copy and paste this page into a text file and it should keep the layout.

  1. Complete the test and save it.
  2. Send the completed test to the trainer by way of message board pm with the subject similar to: flora level 2 test.
  3. Post a notice of completion on the slave's personal board.

General Knowledge
  1. Name all 5 High Castes and their respective colors.
  2. What does the Gorean word tef mean?
  3. What is the Gorean word for week? How many days are in a Gorean week?
  4. How many inches is a hort?
  5. Name 3 kinds of money used on Gor.
  6. What does the word Gor mean?
  7. Name 3 trees or shrubs.
  1. Name one kind of Gorean bread.
  2. Name 3 dairy products.
  3. Name 3 kinds of Gorean desserts you might serve a Free.
  4. Name 3 kinds of Gorean spices.
  1. What are the 4 purposes of a collar?
  2. Explain the difference between a white and red silk.
  3. In your own words, what does it mean to be a slave?
  4. What is a branding rack?
  5. Name 2 locations on the body where a brand might be placed.
  6. What is the typical food of slaves?
  7. What services may you offer to an observer?
  8. Who can change your tags?
  9. What does your collar mean to you?
  10. Name and describe 5 types of collars.
  11. Name and describe 5 types of brands a slave could have.
  12. Name and describe 5 of the types of slaves found on Gor.
  13. What advice would you give to a new slave if asked?
  14. Name 5 pieces of slave equipment.
  15. Describe an iron belt and state its purpose.
  16. What happens to a slave when their leaves Gor or dies?
  17. When a slave is identified as a barbarian, what does it mean?
Words to Describe
  1. List 5 words, phrases, or sentences to describe each of the phrases below:
    1. The animal pens
    2. The sunlight
    3. The moonlight

Slave Rules

  1. Where do you go if there is a Raid?
  2. State 3 sentences from the rule entitled Respect.
  3. What is the rule on traveling?
  4. For the positions below, describe how they are to be performed.
    1. Bara
    2. Lesha
    3. Sula
    4. Nestle
    5. Slave Lips