Slave Test - Level 3

Successful completion of this test counts for 1 required chore for the week. Most answers are on the website, so one may search them there. You can copy and paste this page into a text file and it should keep the layout.

  1. Complete the test and save it.
  2. Send the completed test to the trainer by way of message board pm with the subject similar to: flora level 3 test.
  3. Post a notice of completion on the slave's personal board.

  1. List 5 words, phrases, or sentences to describe each of the words below:
    1. The feel of slave silk on your skin
    2. The cool room
    3. A smile
    4. Your feet in the sand
    5. A Masterís/Mistress's touch
    6. The whip on your flesh
    7. How it makes you feel with your knees apart in nadu

  2. List 20 descriptive words that might describe a dancer or the dance.
  3. Can the trainer cage you if you are not behaving as a proper slave should?
  4. For the positions below, describe how each is to be performed.
    1. Obeisance
    2. She-sleen
    3. Gorean Bow
    4. Blanket
    5. Display
    6. Belly
    7. Bracelets

  5. What is Kaissa?
  6. What are the Cities of Dust?
Medical Test
  1. Name 10 items in a first aid kit.
  2. What might be the first thing you do if you are needed to give first aid to a conscious Warrior vs. an unconscious Warrior that is in shock?
  3. Name 3 signs or symptoms of shock.
  4. What is slave wine?
  5. What is breeding wine?
  6. How do you treat an ost bite?
  7. What is teslik?
  8. What is sip root?
  9. What is the effect produced by chewing brak bush leaves?
  10. Name 2 types of poisons that can be used on the tips of knives or on the hair pins of Free Women.
  11. What are stabilization serums:
    1. Used for?
    2. How are they given?
    3. How many are given?

  12. What is the difference in treating a wound that has a simple, pile arrow vs. a wound that has a broad head or Tuchuk arrow?
  13. What effect does tassa powder have on the body?
  14. Name 2 Gorean diseases.
  15. What sedative injection is used to render a captured barbarian unconscious?
  16. What is a chemical brand used for?
  17. To be done in the room:
    1. A meal will be prepared and served. Post the menu for approval before it is prepared. The menu is to be sent by way of private message to the trainer on the message board. Preparation will be posted as a chore and qualifies as a chore for the week. Serving of the meal does not need to be served by the slave alone. Help can be asked for.
    2. Medical serve. The trainer will administer this test.
    3. You will also need to create and perform a dance.