Slave Types

The Gorean novels portray a skewed image of the amount of slaves on Gor. As slaves are often important characters in the novels, the books at first glance might cause you to believe that most women were slaves on Gor. In actuality, only about 2% to 3% of all women on Gor are slaves. Free women vastly outnumber kajirae on Gor. These ratios do vary though from city to city.

Online, the number of slaves is over 50%. Of all the slaves on Gor, 90% of them are female. So, male slaves are a very rare item, only about .2% to .3% of the men on Gor. There are many terms used for female slaves, such as chain sisters, slut, collar meat, tastas, tasty pudding, morsels, and candies. Kajira is one of the most common terms for a female slave. Sa-Fora, which means Chain Daughter or Daughter of the Chain, is another common expression. For the most part, these terms are considered complimentary.

Some slaves even have professional competencies, such as law, medicine or scribe. They may have once belonged to that caste. They thus possess skills in those areas, though they are no longer considered members of the caste. Many people frown upon slaves using such skills, especially where those skills may place the slave in a position of power or trust.

By law, slaves are animals and their owner can do anything he or she wishes with them. Slaves are considered to be goods, property. They do not even own a name and cannot own any property. They may use goods but cannot possess them. In most cities, even the offspring of a slave is a slave and belongs to the mother's owner. There are numerous laws preventing slaves from doing many things. For example, it can be a capital offense for a slave to touch a weapon, strike a Free Person, or to wear robes of concealment.

Types of Slaves

Kajira (Female Slaves)

Barbarian: A native of the planet Earth, usually used in a derogatory sense in reference to slave girls from that planet. Also defined as slave girls captured from outlying regions or cities. Barbarian slave girls from Earth are considered shamelessly sensual.

Bath Girls: Slaves at the public and private baths. They wear a chain and plate collar. The plate gives their name and cost. They wear towels with nothing beneath them. While swimming, many wrap a long broad strap of glazed leather about their heads like a turban. The bath girls are there for the pleasure of men. Sometimes the girls will pretend to swim away from the men and try to escape but are easily caught by the men. This is done on purpose, as most girls could easily avoid the men if they wished. They become excellent swimmers.

Below-Deck Girl: The term used for slave girls transported in the hold of a ship. They are held in individual cages and, because of infestations of lice, all of their body hair is shaved. The term is used derisively especially by those slave girls allowed to remain on deck in cages, who need not have shaved heads, though all slaves on a slaver ship are unclothed.

Bond-Maid: The term for a slave girl used in Torvaldsland. Also called a girl whose belly lies under the sword.

Chamber Slave: A slave of the Priest-Kings restricted to use within a particular chamber. These slaves cannot leave the chamber and are to serve fully the Free Person living there.

City Slave: Slave girls in any city, her duties in the apartment cylinders are largely domestic.

Coin Girl: A slave girl who, with a coin box and triangular flat bell chained around her neck, is sent out into the streets of a city to earn money from men in return for her sexual use.

Display Slave: A slave girl whose primary purpose is for the display of her beauty to reflect the affluence of her Master. Several are often chained in coffle with other display slaves behind the palanquin or other transport of her owner.

Exotic Slave: A slave, male or female, bred for special purposes producing quaint or unusual characteristics. An example is the passion slave.

Field Slave: These slaves work outdoors, usually gardening, fetching wood or water, etc. She is commonly dressed in plain, sturdy slave tunics. Her hair is shorn.

First Girl: A slave appointed by the owner to oversee other usually younger or less experienced girls. She rules when a Free Person is not present as the owner. She is subject to the owner's total authority and usually called mistress by the other girls, she may have switching rights over them as well.

Flute Girl: A slave trained in the art of music, specifically the playing of the double flute. They perform at various functions and are available for sexual use by Free Men of their audience.

House Slave: One whose primary duties are inside the residence. Duties range from personal serving girls to kettle and mat girls.

Kettle Slave/Pot Girl: A girl whose main function is cooking and other menial household tasks. The term is used disparagingly. Kettle is now used as a beginning or entry level silk in many places.

Kettle-and-Mat Girl: A slave girl whose function is divided between household tasks and sexual servitude.

Last Girl: Used to denote either the newest girl on a chain or the least of all the girls.

Luck Girl: A slave girl who acts as mascot onboard ship. Her use is often reserved for the captain of the ship. She may be shared with the crew, usually as a disciplinary measure.

Lure Girl: Slaves who are set out by their owners to entice men for the purposes of impressing as crewmen or in work gangs. While the man is delightfully distracted, her owner's men accost him and hustle him away. This is also used by panther girls to entice men to be captured as their slaves.

Mul: A Priest-King term for a human slave.

Passion Slave: A slave girl who has been bred, rather than captured. Specifically, it is one that has been bred for a particular trait, such as beauty or slave heat or the shape of her lips.

Personal Serving Slave: A slave assigned or owned by the person she obeys. Her duties may include running errands, general cleaning, or caring for personal belongings.

Pierced-Ear Girl: A slave girl whose ears have been pierced. Since piercing a girl's ears is considered the ultimate degradation, it virtually guarantees that the girl will never be freed. The practice first became popular after the fall of Turia to the Wagon Peoples and is gaining acceptance in the northern cities, especially Ar.

Pleasure Slave: A slave girl whose main function is sexual servitude to her owner. Traditionally, she kneels with her knees spread wide and her hands either resting on her thighs or, in some cities, crossed behind her, ready for binding.

Scribe Slave: Scribes that have been captured, they do the bookkeeping no one else wants to do. They are above other slaves with the fact they can read and write, but aren't above, like all slaves, cooking, cleaning and warming the furs

Self-Contract, Limited Slave: An arrangement wherein a Free Woman contracts to be an experimental slave for a period of time ranging from one night to a year. Her documents will contain a specified termination date.

She-Urts: Short for "she-urts of the wharves," homeless free girls - runaways, vagabonds, orphans, etc. - who live near the canals in port cities surviving by scavenging, begging, stealing and sleeping with paga attendants. They sleep wherever they find space and usually wear a brief tunic instead of robes of concealment.

Side-Block Girl: A slave girl sold for a fixed price from the side block of a slave auction house instead of auctioned from the main block. This term is used disparagingly.

Silk Girl: A term used by those of Torvaldsland to denote a slave girl from the southern cities> It is often used disparagingly.

Stable Girls: These slaves tend to the male slaves' needs, so they do not become unruly and keep them in line.

State Slave: A state-owned girl may have various duties, ranging from general cleaning to carrying messages. State tunics and collars are uniform, sleeveless and plain. It is considered by most states to be an unenviable slavery.

Tavern Slave: See Kettle-and-Mat Girl.

Tower Slave: A state slave girl in any of the cities of Gor. Her duties in the apartment cylinders are largely domestic. Traditionally, she kneels with her knees together and with her wrists crossed in front of her, as if for binding.

Work Slave: A category of slaves consisting of field slaves, stable slaves, etc. These females are considered, like kettle and mat girls, to be low slaves.

Kajirus (Male Slaves)

Field Slaves: These slaves work in the fields, cultivating and caring for the crops. They are commonly dressed in plain, sturdy slave tunics with shorn hair.

Fighting Slaves: Many cities have arenas for gladiatorial combat. This combat is often quite lethal and many fighting slaves are seriously injured or killed during these games. These male slaves may learn the use of certain weapons, primarily cestae and other common arena weapons. In most cases, Free Men do not enter these arena games.

Galley Slaves: Port Kar, Cos and Tyros utilize thousands of male galley slaves on their ships.

Mul: A Priest-King term for a human slave.

Seduction Slaves: They are used to lure Free Women into compromising situations so that the women can be made slaves by the couching laws. The couching laws exist in many Gorean cities. Essentially, the law states that any Free Woman who couches with anotherís slave, or even prepares to do so, becomes a slave herself and the slave of the male slaveís owner.

Silk Slave: A male slave kept by Free Women as sexual toys. Handsome and sometimes pretty by male standards, these slaves are often muscular and manly, as Free Women love having strong men at their feet. This can be dangerous if the slave doesn't know his place or wishes to be free. At the present time, there is a city ordinance in Ar which restricts the sexual use, or "couching" of slaves by Free Women due to the widespread belief that the physical charms of precious Free Women are reserved only for the free.

Stable Slaves: These kajiri are kept in stables and care for the livestock, sometimes fighting for benefits, or betting money for their owners. They are often rewarded with female stable slaves.

Thralls: Male slaves of Torvaldsland.

Work Slaves: They are usually used on cargo galleys, mines, great farms or as porters on wharves. Many cities use male slaves for some of the unpleasant labor in the cities, such as in the refuse pits. Most males work on chains with other slaves.