Coin values can be expressed as approximate values, as there are indications in the Scrolls (John Norman's Gor books) that values may be higher. Coins of higher denomination are most often referred to as "tarsk," "tarn," or simply by the metal they are cast in (such as silver).

1 Copper Bit 1 Copper Bit (CB) 12-1/2 Cents
2 Copper Bits 2 Copper Bits 25 Cents
8 Copper Bits 1 Copper (C) $1 American
100 Copper 1 Silver (S) $100
10 Silver 1 Gold (G) $1,000
2 Gold 1 Double-weight Gold (DWG) $2,000


Blouse Rep cloth, long or short sleeves, body long enough to tuck into breeches or skirt, 3 yds 9C $9
Blouse Rence cloth 15C $15
Blouse Fur 21C $21
Blouse Leather 15C $15
Blouse Wool 24C $24
Blouse Silk 30C $30
Blouse Satin 39C $39
Blouse Velvet 48C $48
Blouse Brocade 60C $60
Boots Fur, skin side out, knee length, 2 yds 14C $14
Boots Leather 10C $10
Boots Fur, skin side out, mid-calf length, 1-1/2 yd 11C $11
Boots Leather 8C $8
Breeches Rep cloth, long leg, 3 yds 9C $9
Breeches Rence cloth 15C $15
Breeches Fur 21C $21
Breeches Leather 15C $15
Breeches Wool 24C $24
Breeches Silk 30C $30
Breeches Satin 39C $30
Breeches Velvet 48C $48
Breeches Brocade 60C $60
Cape Rep cloth, short cloak, 4 yds 12C $12
Cape Rence cloth 20C $20
Cape Fur 28C $28
Cape Leather 20C $20
Cape Wool 32C $32
Cape Silk 40C $40
Cape Satin 52C $52
Cape Velvet 64C $64
Cape Brocade 80C $80
Cloak Rep cloth, full length, hooded, lined, 6 yds 18C $18
Cloak Rence cloth 15C $15
Cloak Fur 42C $42
Cloak Leather 30C $30
Cloak Wool 48C $48
Cloak Silk 60C $60
Cloak Satin 78C $78
Cloak Velvet 96C $96
Cloak Brocade 1S $100
Dress Rep cloth, kirtle or plains, long sleeves, length to top of toes, 5 yds 15C $15
Dress Rence cloth 25C $25
Dress Fur, skin side out 35C $35
Dress Leather 25C $25
Dress Wool 40C $40
Dress Silk 50C $50
Dress Satin 65C $65
Dress Velvet 80C $80
Dress Brocade 1S $100
Gloves Rep cloth, long length, 1 yd 3C $3
Gloves Rence cloth 5C $5
Gloves Fur, skin side out 7C $7
Gloves Verr leather, like suede 5C $5
Gloves Wool 8C $8
Gloves Silk 10C $10
Gloves Satin 13C $13
Gloves Velvet 16C $16
Gloves Brocade 20C $20
Gloves Rep cloth, short length, 1/2 yd (1 ah-il) 2C $2
Gloves Rence cloth 3C $3
Gloves Fur, skin side out 4C $4
Gloves Verr leather, like suede 3C $3
Gloves Wool 4C $4
Gloves Silk 5C $5
Gloves Satin 7C $7
Gloves Velvet 8C $8
Gloves Brocade 1S $100
Hood Rep cloth, head covering, with or without ties, 1 yd 3C $3
Hood Rence cloth 5C $5
Hood Fur, skin side out 7C $7
Hood Leather 5C $5
Hood Wool 8C $8
Hood Silk 10C $10
Hood Satin 13C $13
Hood Velvet 16C $16
Hood Brocade 20C $20
Jacket, Short Rep cloth, long sleeves, thigh length, 4 yds 12C $12
Jacket, Short Rence cloth 20C $20
Jacket, Short Fur, skin side out 28C $28
Jacket, Short Leather 20C $20
Jacket, Short Wool 32C $32
Jacket, Short Silk 40C $40
Jacket, Short Satin 52C $52
Jacket, Short Velvet 64C $64
Jacket, Short Brocade 80C $80
Jacket, Long Rep cloth, long sleeves, knee length, 5 yds 15C $15
Jacket, Long Rence cloth 25C $25
Jacket, Long Fur, skin side out 35C $35
Jacket, Long Leather 25C $25
Jacket, Long Wool 40C $40
Jacket, Long Silk 50C $50
Jacket, Long Satin 50C $50
Jacket, Long Velvet 65C $65
Jacket, Long Brocade 80C $80
Moccasins Fur, skin side out, 1 yd 7C $7
Moccasins Leather 5C $5
Robe Rep cloth, man or woman, long sleeves, length to top of toes, 5 yds 15C $15
Robe Rence cloth 25C $25
Robe Fur, skin side out 35C $35
Robe Leather 25C $25
Robe Wool 40C $40
Robe Silk 50C $50
Robe Satin 65C $65
Robe Velvet 80C $80
Robe Brocade 1S $100
Sandals Rep fiber, 1/2 yd 2C $.2
Sandals Leather 4C $4
Sandals Satin 7C $7
Sandals Brocade 10C $10
Skirt Rep cloth, length to top of toes, 4 yds 12C $12
Skirt Rence cloth 20C $20
Skirt Fur, skin side out 28C $28
Skirt Leather 20C $20
Skirt Wool 32C $32
Skirt Silk 40C $40
Skirt Satin 52C $52
Skirt Velvet 64C $64
Skirt Brocade 80C $80
Slippers Leather, short shoes no higher than ankle, 1/2 yd 4C $4
Slippers Satin 7C $7
Slippers Velvet 8C $8
Slippers Brocade 10C $10
Tunic Rep cloth, long sleeves, length to mid-thigh, 3 yds 9C $9
Tunic Rence cloth 15C $15
Tunic Fur, skin side out 21C $21
Tunic Leather 15C $15
Tunic Wool 24C $24
Tunic Silk 30C $30
Tunic Satin 39C $39
Tunic Velvet 48C $48
Tunic Brocade 60C $60
Veil, Face Rep cloth, modesty covering for face, 1/2 yd 2C $2
Veil, Face Rence cloth 3C $3
Veil, Face Wool 4C $4
Veil, Face Silk 5C $5
Veil, Face Satin 7C $7
Veil, Face Velvet 8C $8
Veil, Face Brocade 10C $10
Veil, Head Rep cloth, modesty covering for head, 1 yd 3C $3
Veil, Head Rence cloth 5C $5
Veil, Head Wool 8C $8
Veil, Head Silk 10C $10
Veil, Head Satin 13C $13
Veil, Head Velvet 16C $16
Veil, Head Brocade 20C $20
Vest, Short Rep cloth, length to just below waist, 2 yds 6C $6
Vest, Short Rence cloth 10C $10
Vest, Short Fur, skin side out 14C $14
Vest, Short Leather 10C $10
Vest, Short Wool 16C $16
Vest, Short Silk 20C $20
Vest, Short Satin 26C $26
Vest, Short Velvet 32C $32
Vest, Short Brocade 40C $40
Vest, Long Rep cloth, length to knee, 4 yds 12C $12
Vest, Long Rence cloth 20C $20
Vest, Long Fur, skin side out 28C $28
Vest, Long Leather 20C $20
Vest, Long Wool 32C $32
Vest, Long Silk 40C $40
Vest, Long Satin 52C $52
Vest, Long Velvet 64C $64
Vest, Long Brocade 80C $80