Coin values can be expressed as approximate values, as there are indications in the Scrolls (John Norman's Gor books) that values may be higher. Coins of higher denomination are most often referred to as "tarsk," "tarn," or simply by the metal they are cast in (such as silver).

1 Copper Bit 1 Copper Bit (CB) 12-1/2 Cents
2 Copper Bits 2 Copper Bits 25 Cents
8 Copper Bits 1 Copper (C) $1 American
100 Copper 1 Silver (S) $100
10 Silver 1 Gold (G) $1,000
2 Gold 1 Double-weight Gold (DWG) $2,000


While most Free Women seldom use make-up, there are quotes that show some do, particularly in the high cities. Nail lacquer is included, since it is not expressly forbidden and is well within the ability of an apothecary, or chemist, to make. Though the listings are directed mostly to Free Women and slaves, men might also find some of the items of use, more specifically, city men. Scents can be custom ordered or open stock, such as a light, fresh scent, for use by those that do not want a particular scent.

Bath Oils Scented, Regular, small decorative vial, 1-ounce 4CB $0.50
Face Cream Light, fresh scent, richly emollient cream, 6-ounce jar 3C $3
Hair Shampoo Scented, cleans hair and scalp, 8-ounce bottle 4C $4
Hair Conditioner Scented, moisturizes hair and scalp, 8-ounce bottle 4C $4
Hair Dressing Scented, adds shine and softness, moist cream, 6-ounce jar 3C $3
Hand Cream Light, fresh scent, rich emollients to counteract dryness and damage, minor healing agent, 6-ounce jar 4C $4
Make-up, Box Make-up in colors by request or in stock, small individual containers, painted wooden box 10C $10
Make-up, Replacements Individual containers to replace used or add new colors, per container 4CB $0.50
Nail Lacquer Various colors, separate brush for applying, 1-ounce bottle CB $0.50
Nail Lacquer Remover Solvent to remove lacquer, 8-ounce bottle 2C $2
Perfume, FW, Common Less expensive, per 1-ounce bottle 10C-20C $10-$20
Perfume, FW, Rare Expensive, per 1-ounce bottle 40C $40
Perfume, Slave Heavy, cheaper, 1-ounce bottle 2C-3C $2-$3
Skin Lotion Scented, non-greasy, 8-ounce bottle 4C $4
Soap Scented, per bar or cake 4CB $0.50