Coin values can be expressed as approximate values, as there are indications in the Scrolls (John Norman's Gor books) that values may be higher. Coins of higher denomination are most often referred to as "tarsk," "tarn," or simply by the metal they are cast in (such as silver).

1 Copper Bit 1 Copper Bit (CB) 12-1/2 Cents
2 Copper Bits 2 Copper Bits 25 Cents
8 Copper Bits 1 Copper (C) $1 American
100 Copper 1 Silver (S) $100
10 Silver 1 Gold (G) $1,000
2 Gold 1 Double-weight Gold (DWG) $2,000


Bed, Double Stationary bed, flat or rope 70C $70
Bed, Canopy Carved, four-poster, large 5S $500
Bed Linens Double, two pillowcases 20C $20
Bota Wineskin 4CB $.50
Bowl, Common Ceramic, metal, wood, 6 oz 4CB $.50
Bowl, Common Ceramic, metal, wood, 12 oz 1C $1
Bowl, Common Ceramic, metal, wood, 18 oz 1C 4CB $1.50
Bowl, Common Ceramic, metal, wood, 28 oz 2C $2
Bowl, Fancy Gold or silver plated 20C-30C $20-$30
Bowl, Paga Ceramic, footed 1C $1
Brazier, Common Iron, for traveling 10C $10
Candlestick, Single Common, iron 2C $2
Candlestick, Multiple Common, iron, trident configuration 6C $6
Candlestick, Simple Fancy, gold or silver plate 20C $20
Candlestick, Multiple Fancy, gold or silver plate, trident configuration 50C $50
Candles, Tallow White, 1 dozen 1C 4CB $1.50
Candles, Beeswax Fancy, colored/scented, 1 dozen 5C $5
Carpet, Small 3'x5', handwoven 20C $20
Carpet, Medium 5'x8', Fancy, handwoven 40C $40
Carpet, Large 10'x12', handwoven 80C $80
Carpet, Fancy 5'x8', with design 1S 75C $175
Cauldrons Metal, various sizes, 7C-50C $7-$50
Chair, Plain Wooden, carved, no arms 25C $25
Chair, Padded Carved, with arms and padding 1S $100
Chest Wooden, plain, 3'L x 1.5'H x 1.5'W 10C $10
Chest Wooden, carved, 3'L x 1.5'H x 1.5'W 25C $25
Cradle Baby 33C $33
Cup Common, various 4CB-3C $.50-$3
Cutlery, Plain Metal, per piece 1CB $0.125
Cutlery, Fancy Gold or silver plate, per piece 10C $10
Feathers Assorted, small box 2CB $0.25
Glass Common, various 4CB - 3C $.50-$3
Goblet, Common Metal, ceramic, wood 2C $2
Goblet, Fancy Crystal, gold or silver plate 2S-5S $200-$500
Horn, Drinking Various sizes 5C $5
Ink All colors, per 1-ounce vial 4CB $.50
Ink All colors, 6-ounce bottle 3C $3
Jewel Box, Plain Carved wood 5C $5
Jewel Box, Plain, Musical Carved wood, plays a tune when opened 15C $15
Jewel Box, Fancy Gold or silver engraved 25C $25
Jewel Box, Fancy, Musical Gold or silver engraved, plays a tune when opened 35C $35
Kettles Metal, various sizes 10C-50C $10-$50
Lamp, Plain Bronze or copper 10C $10
Lamp, Fancy Gold or silver plated 20C-30C $20-$30
Leather Kit Repair, traveling 1C $1
Leather Repair Tools Roll-up leather pocket storage, 48 pieces 10C $10
Mirror, Handheld 8" mirror with handle 6C $6
Mirror, Regular Wall mounted 50C $50
Mirror, Fancy With carved frame, wall mounted or stand alone 1S $100
Oil, Metal For cleaning, per vial 4CB $.50
Oil, Tharlarion For lamps, 1 gallon 2C $2
Pan, Fry Iron, set of 3 12C $12
Pan, Roasting Steel, 21.25"L x 14"W x 8.5"H 15C $15
Paper Rence, one style, 50 sheets 2C $2
Pillow, Bedroom Rep, 1'x2', straw-filled 1C $1
Pillow, Bedroom Linen, 1'x2', vulo-down filled 5C $5
Pillow, Fancy Satin, 16" square, vulo-down filled 10C-20C $10-$20
Plate, Common Ceramic, wood, metal, 6.75" 1C $1
Plate, Common Ceramic, wood, metal, 8.5" 1C 4CB $1.50
Plate, Common Ceramic, wood, metal, 10.25" 2C $2
Plate, Fancy Gold- or silver-plated 50C $50
Pot, Cooking Steel, 10-gallon 15C $15
Pouch, Utility, Small Light to medium leather, 2"x3" 2CB $.25
Pouch, Utility, Medium Light to medium leather, 3"x5" 4CB $.50
Pouch, Utility, Large Light to medium leather, 4"x6" 6CB $.75
Rep Cloth Cleaning, 6" square 1CB $.125
Rep Cloth Cleaning, 12" square 2CB $.25
Sewing Kit Traveling 1C $1
Sewing Kit With storage box 2C $2
Soap, Laundry 1 pound 1C $1
Soap, Laundry 10 pounds 10C $10
Table, Seats 4 Carved temwood 1S $100
Table, Seats 8 Carved temwood 2S $200
Table, Tavern Plain plank with benches 50C $50
Tablecloth, Linen White or cream 5C-15C $5-$15
Tablecloth, Fancy Embroidered 30C-40C $30-$40
Tankard Metal, ceramic, wood, 16 oz 1C $1
Tankard Metal, ceramic, wood, 24 oz 1C 4CB $1.5
Tankard Metal, ceramic, wood, 32 oz 2C $2
Tapestry, Small 5'x8', custom design 1S-2S $100-200
Tapestry, Large 10'x12', custom design 3S-4S $300-$400
Torch Various 1C $1
Tri-pod Stand Cooking 7C $7
Wax Scroll Sealant Various 1C $1
Whetstone For weapon sharpening 1C $1
Writing Quill Various 1C $1