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She was formerly Roberta Cummins of Earth, who had lived and worked as an optician in Michigan of the United States. She is 5’9” tall with a slender build. She has long, thick, golden brown hair that has a tendency to wave, emerald green eyes, and skin that is a creamy peach. In the sun, her skin tends to tan a golden peach. She has always been physically active and fit; her body has remained so from her active work as a master gemsmith. She has always done her own hauling, lifting, smelting and forging.

Roberta was mysteriously transported from her car as she was driving home from work one night. She appeared suddenly on a dusty road during a bright day on Gor. The instantaneous appearance of a naked woman before Lars Berensen’s bosk wagon, startled the beast that was pulling it, as well as its owner. After determining that the naked woman did not understand his language and, by facial expressions and gestures, discovered that she was not from a local place, took her home to Argentum. He knew she needed to be taught for her own protection and to give her the knowledge she needed to live in the new place she had come to.

During her learning, Lars chose to allow Roberta to be a Free Woman. She renamed herself, Cabushan Tieri, to be more acceptable in the culture. Cabushan was the Gorean form of “cabochon,” meaning, “a smooth, rounded gem cut,” and Tieri was the Gorean form for the Earth French, “terre,” meaning, “earth.” Thus, Roberta named herself the “Earth Jewel.” She learned her lessons well and Lars came to love her. They were Companioned one year after Tieri’s arrival. She did not bear him children, as Lars would not bring a child into the world to be enslaved, as he had been.

Tieri’s fascination with her Companion’s craft of gemsmithing did not abate and, for the first time in his career, Lars took an apprentice. Tieri was a quick study and progressed rapidly in the craft. She earned Master rank under the usual expected time in training. Her strong points seemed to be instinctive and intuitive; she seemed to know which pieces were flawed or perfect and what that piece could be best crafted into. Her designs were artistic pieces of beauty and function. Lars enjoyed the challenge of transactions and dealing with Others, so he managed the business side and did most of the traveling. Tieri often stayed home and worked her gem magic.

It was on one of the few trips they took together that Lars was killed. They were waiting on a dock waiting for transport when a bosk in front of Lars panicked. The maddened creature lashed out with back hooves and struck Lars, knocking him into the river, where vicious swimming creatures attacked him. Tieri collapsed and was tended by the healer’s guild of that city, then escorted home to Argentum. For a year, she tried to pick up the threads of her life but to no avail. She sold what she did not wish to keep, packed up the rest and joined a caravan that would stop in the city of Thentis.

In Thentis, she established herself as a brilliant artisan and prospered. For a time, Tieri conducted a quiet relationship with an assassin, and it helped her to begin the necessary healing from her loss. At a time when that relationship was ending, she met Haijin, a new weaponsmith in the city. Love soon blossomed and they became Companions several months later, completing Tieri’s healing.

When political unrest made Thentis too unstable, they moved to Shadow Talon at the invitation of one of Tieri’s Earth sisters. When the Ubar dishonored Haijin, they decided to leave. It was then they were invited by One of the Camp of Harriga at the recommendation of a Tuchuk brother who had also lived in Shadow Talon and relocated to Harriga. They moved there and stayed a year, until another dishonorable deed gave them reason to leave.

Their Tuchuk brother, Memnos Imzadi, led a group of people to a hidden valley in the Voltai Mountains. There they settled and built Stone Mountain Settlement. After some time, it became obvious that Stone Mountain was not prospering as they had hoped. Some chose to stay because Stone Mountain had much to offer and Memnos was a fair administrator.

Tieri and her Haijin packed up their smithing and personal belongings and began to wander, seeking a new Home. They had had enough of cities and settlements and their hearts led them back to the Plains of Turia where they rejoined their Tuchuk brethren.

After many years of wandering as Tuchuks, they felt the need to settle to one place. A fortress keep in the Voltai Mountains had been directed to them and so they visited, finding it much to their taste. Packing all they owned, they journeyed to Fayeen Keep to become settlement livers.

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